Ad of the Day: The Dodge Dart Makes Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson Hate Each Other

TV funnymen go at it

What would happen if you took one of the best characters from The Office and moved him next door to the undisputed best character from New Girl? This ad campaign. That's what would happen.

Craig Robinson, who rose to fame as mild-mannered and multitalented Darryl Philbin on The Office, is the proud owner of a new Dodge Dart in this new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy. Bedeviling him at every turn is Jake Johnson, aka Nick from New Girl.

The two are such a naturally antagonistic couple, it's surprising they haven't teamed up before. And director Jody Hill of Eastbound & Down was a strong pick to bring their comedy styles together. Their schtick ranges from mild annoyance to full-on physical violence (though slapping someone who threatens to key your car is considered justified self-defense in 38 states).

For now, viewers who take the time to visit the campaign's site,, may be disappointed, as it just redirects to the Dodge YouTube channel. But W+K says it will soon "transform into an interactive YouTube experience where people will find out firsthand what happens when they try to touch Craig Robinson's brand new Dodge Dart."

I'm guessing he … won't like it.

Check out the campaign's first few spots below, followed by credits.


Client: Dodge

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Kevin Jones, Michael Tabtabai

Copywriter: Tim Cairns

Art Director: James Moslander

Producer: Melanie Fedunok

Interactive, Social Strategy: Sarah Biedak

Strategic Planning: Amber Higgins, Nathan Goldberg

Media, Communications Planning: Alex Barwick, Kelsey Bozanich

Account Team: Lani Reichenbach, Cheryl Markley, Stephanie Montoya

Business Affairs: Anna Beth Nagel

Project Management: Stacy Grogan

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples, Susan Hoffman

Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Jody Hill

Executive Producers: Luke Ricci, Michael Sagol

Line Producer: B.P. Cooper

Director of Photography: Mark Williams

Editing Company: Arcade

Editors: Geoff Hounsell, Will Hasell

Postproduction Producer: Cristina Matracia

Post Executive Producers: Damian Stevens, Nicole Visram

Visual Effects Company: Timber

Flame Artist: Chris Decristo

Visual Effects Producer: Emily Avoujageli

Titles, Graphics: W+K Studio

Composer: Craig Robinson

Mix Company: Eleven

Mixer: Jeff Payne

Music Producer: Dawn Redman