Ad of the Day: Diet Coke Can Even Make Air Travel Pleasant (in Your Dreams)

Transported with a sip

Why do people drink Diet Coke? Is it the caffeine? The lack of calories? The sheer convenience? Or do they actually enjoy the taste?

Coca-Cola is banking on the latter on with its new "Get a Taste" campaign from Droga5—which, in the words of the company's North America vp Andrew McMillin, "[reminds] fans why they fell in love with Diet Coke the first time."

Three new ads will show how just a sip of a frosty Diet Coke can make your lame life into something way more exciting. (It's not exactly a groundbreaking concept, but at least it won't get the brand accused of pushing drug use or anorexia.)

The first spot, "Economy Class," says drinking a Diet Coke can make the hell that is flying coach into an absolutely delightful experience.

It all begins when a female passenger walks into the back galley, where a flight attendant gives her a rather jaunty once-over and hands her a can of the good stuff. The passenger takes a sip and—poof!—the cabin turns into a rollicking nightclub complete with a John Galliano lookalike nuzzling an Afghan Hound, a waiter's disembodied arm distributing hors d'oeuvres from an overhead compartment, and a bar stocked exclusively with Diet Coke.

Just as the woman turns her gaze to a dapper gentleman in the corner, though, turbulence hits, and she's jolted back into her economy-class reality, where dudes wear hoodies, not elegant smoking jackets.

Oh, and by the way—the music here, "Boom! Bap! Pow!" by Suit, is getting to be a popular advertising soundtrack. This is at least its third appearance in 13 months, following spots from and Value City.

Later this fall, Diet Coke will roll out another installment of the "Get a Taste" series starring none other than spokeswoman Taylor Swift. We have yet to see a preview of that ad, but I'd put money on her being transported via Diet Coke to a world filled with cuddly kittens, freshly baked cookies and repentant ex-boyfriends.


Client: Diet Coke

Agency: Droga5

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