Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola

Security cameras, known for filming misery, can capture happiness too

Convenience-store robberies. Suspicious elevator activity. Parking lot holdups. The security-camera footage you generally see on TV doesn't exactly reveal the most flattering side of mankind. The point of a security camera, after all, is to catch the bad guys who did the bad things so that we can all feel more, well, secure. But what about the untold of hours of film that don't capture some shady endeavor? In the incessantly sunny world of Coca-Cola, they're filled with happy people doing good deeds.

In a new spot from Coca-Cola Latin America, created by production company Landia, the beverage company plays around with the expectation of what a security camera captures. To the smile-inducing tune of Roger Hodgson's solo version of "Give a Little Bit," Coke shows us a series of scenes with wittily misleading captions like "people stealing kisses," "music addicts," "potato chip dealers," "attacks of friendship" and "friendly gangs." From offering to carry a heavy object to saving someone's life to just horsing around (and the requisite "offering a friend your Coke"), it's a list of all the positive interactions happening in the world every day.

Like most soft-drink ads, it doesn't necessarily make you want to crack open a cold soda, but the idea is sweet nonetheless. And if searching security cameras for murders and muggings and assaults is more your speed, go ahead and change the channel. Chances are you'll quickly land on a show doing just that.


Client: Coca-Cola

Producer: Landia

Creative Director: Martin Mercado

Music: Roger Hodgson, "Give a Little Bit"

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