Ad of the Day: Chevrolet

Sonic's remote unlock app indulges carefree youth in a new spot from Goodby and Jason Reitman

Hi, night-swimming millennials. Chevrolet wants you to know the Sonic is the car for you.

A new spot from the General Motors brand and director Jason Reitman features a gang of age-ambiguous young couples—are they teens? twentysomethings?—arriving in their ride at some middle-of-nowhere lake, where they strip to their skivvies and dash into the water. After a playful bout of splashing and holding hands, etc., they emerge, shivering, to discover that the driver has accidentally locked his keys in the car. Panic? Nope. Chevy's mobile app lets him use his smartphone as a backup remote, popping open the doors by tapping his touch screen. "From close call to best night ever," assures the voiceover. Crisis averted.

It's an efficient and mostly credible piece of advertising from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that extends the agency's slew of youth-oriented messaging over the past year or so for the new Sonic. The soundtrack, Iron & Wine's "Each Coming Night," maintains the campaign's effective use of music to set a Gen-Y-friendly tone. The story's resolution telegraphs that Chevy is tech savvy in service of real utility: A little carelessness in anticipation of a flirtatious and mildly rebellious moment is a pretty reasonable likelihood for the target demo, and Chevy is helping them get away with the misstep. That's a wink, at the same time, to the parents who are probably footing the bill for the car. They know their kids are going to get themselves in a little trouble. Hopefully, they can get themselves out, too. Chevy is playing guardian angel.

That's assuming the driver doesn't leave his phone in the car, too.


Client: Chevrolet

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Co-chairman, Creative Director: Jeff Goodby

Partner, Executive Creative Director: Jamie Barrett

Associate Partner, Executive Creative Director: Hunter Hindman

Associate Creative Director: Andrew Bancroft

Copywriter: Trey Tyler

Art Director: Susan Land

Associate Partner, Director of Production: Cindy Fluitt

Executive Producer: Hilary Coate

Producer: Sara Krider

Agency Music Supervisor: Todd Porter

Account Directors: Melissa Nelson, Grace Kao

Account Manager: Julie Evans

Assistant Account Manager: Noah Polsky

Production Company: Bob Industries

Director: Jason Reitman

Executive Producer: T.K. Knowles

Head of Production: John O'Grady

Director of Photography: Eric Steelberg

Production Designer: Steve Sacklad

Line Producer: Bart Lipton

Editorial Company: Arcade Edit

Editor: Kim Bica

Producer: Deanne Mehling

Producer: Ali Reed

Assistant Editors: Nick Rondeau, Luke McIntosh

Color: Airship Post

Colorist: Shane Reed

Producer: Lisa English

Smoke Assistant: Rob Ufer

Music: Iron & Wine, "Each Coming Night"

Postproduction, VFX Company: Airship Post

VFX Producer: Lisa English

Lead Smoke Artist: Chris Homel

Recording Studio: Lime

Mixer: Rohan Young

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