Ad of the Day: Cartier

The French jeweler returns with a visually astonishing gem of a holiday spot

Could someone please explain to me what is going on in any Cartier ad, ever? First, they had the free-associative Russia-elephant-dragon-airplane odyssey (seriously, it was called "L'Odyssée de Cartier"). Now, in its latest animated adventure, there's this beautiful jaguar chasing his friend up a giant Christmas tree to get to a box filled with expensive-looking Christmas magic.

Christmas, I get. Trees, I get. Jewelry, I understand. But why does the cat want a box of Christmas sparkles?

Perhaps the mere posing of this question indicates I am not the intended consumer, here. Perhaps if I were, say, a Real Housewife of somewhere tony, I would be more enamored of the snow that also appears to be diamonds, or the scaled-up rings and baubles that decorate the tree. Instead, I mostly want to play with the jaguar kitten without being eaten, which seems like much more fun.

This really is a gorgeous ad. Presumably because there are already brands associated with jaguars and snow leopards, the incredible-looking cat is called a "panther" in the brand literature, which is technically true in the same way that tigers and lions are also members of genus panthera. But after extensive zoological research, I can assure you it is a jaguar. Anyway, it's adorable. And of the few things in this spot that do appear to make sense, foremost among them is the desire to give this animal presents. I should buy it a really expensive pair of earrings or something.

Wait, I begin to see how this works.

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