Ad of the Day: Capri Sun

Clingy moms and cyborg bears star in Saatchi's entertaining first spots for the Kraft drink brand

Quick cuts and compressed action drive Saatchi & Saatchi's first ads for Kraft Foods' Capri Sun, which break today and play like movie trailers, down to the basso-profundo voiceovers.

One ad features a mom who protectively shields her son from the "dangers" of a typical school day, including a flying dodgeball and a teacher's question about genetics. "If Paula Ebert had her way," the voiceover explains, "she would help her child … with everything." On second thought, however, she buys him a new vegetable-infused version of the juice drink called Super V  instead.

Another ad gets inside the head of Jake McClure, a tween who sits at his computer and lets his imagination run wild, à la Calvin in Calvin & Hobbs. You see, Jake doesn't fear a cyber attack on his PC but rather a "cy-bear" attack in his backyard. To fell the furry monster with the glowing red eyes, he pierces its back with the pointy side of a Capri Sun straw. "Bravo, Jake, bravo," the voiceover intones.

A third ad, still in production, tells the story of a girl named Lisa who gets crowned by aliens, according to Kraft brand manager Wilfred de Guzman. Why? Because she drinks out of a space-aged foil pouch. Bravo, Saatchi, bravo.

The Publicis Groupe shop landed Capri Sun and sister brand Kool-Aid earlier this year at the expense of longtime lead agency Ogilvy & Mather.


Client: Capri Sun

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

Chief Creative Officer: Con Williamson

Creative Director: Alex Lea

Creative Director: Justin Ebert

Executive Producer: John Doris

Art Director: Alex Lea

Copywriter: Justin Ebert

Production Company: SKUNK

Director: NE-O

Director of Photography: Benoit Delhomme

Executive Producers: Matt Factor, Shelly Townsend

Line Producer: Juliet Naylor

Editing House: Cosmo Street NYC

Editor: Dominic Leung

Assistant Editor: Mark Potter

Producer: Stacey Piculell

Executive Producer: Maura Woodward

Visual Effects: Moving Picture Company NYC

VFX Supervisor: Dean Robinson

Flame Artists: Aska Osaka

Producer: Derek Macleod – Vielleux

Colorist: Jean ­ Clement

Sound Mixer: Phillip Loeb @ Heard City

Music (for Cybear): Finger Music