Ad of the Day: Canon Highlights the Oddly Specific Moments You’ll Wish You Had Used a Printer

Not everything should be stored digitally

Print out your important stuff, people, or suffer the consequences.

Grey New York makes that case in a series of new spots for Canon's Pixma printers, extending a fun campaign launched this spring. As in the earlier ads (which you can watch below), folks who fail to make hard copies of photos, documents, tickets and such learn some hard lessons, and promise themselves: "Never again."

What's the worst that could happen, you say? In one spot, mom will probably have to pay for years of Junior's therapy, after accidentally showing her son and his friend images of herself and pops "wrestling" instead of the football-game snaps she'd meant to share.

(It's great the 'rents are keeping some spice in their marriage, but would printing out such photos really be a better way to keep them from falling into the wrong hands?)

In a second, dad takes his daughter to a 'Sup Girl concert, but the QR code on his phone won't scan because the screen is cracked, so he winds up being arrested after trying to buy tickets from a scalper. It's a sequence of events that's reminiscent of DirecTV's cascading cable consequences campaign, also from Grey New York.

In the third, and most memorable vignette, the battery in a priest's tablet computer dies just as he's about to deliver a eulogy. So, he wings it. Badly. And judging from the mourners' angry and/or confused stares, there's going to be hell to pay.

"We wanted to think of the most uncomfortable situation someone could be in for their tablet to fail," says executive creative director Ari Halper. "We figured it's not that big of a stretch to say that a modern priest would perhaps rely on a tablet for sermon references or, say, George's eulogy. The clergy also have to maintain a sense of decorum, so we thought that would add another level of humor." 

Overall, the campaign continues to be well cast and deftly acted, with the new jokes hitting the mark at least as well as in the original commercials, if not a bit better. It's especially nice that the fear factor is credible, but handled with enough comic aplomb so as not to make the message seem heavy-handed.

In other words, "Never Again" is a fun way to remind viewers that sometimes it pays to channel your inner '90s and create a paper trail—even if it probably means living among endless piles of abandoned documents. 

Check out the older spots, and credits for the new work, below.


Advertiser: Canon USA

Spot Titles: "Eulogy," "Concert," "Touchdown"

First Air Date: 8/3/15

Agency: Grey, New York

Chief Creative Officer (Global): Tor Myhren

Chief Creative Officer (New York): Andreas Dahlqvist

Executive Creative Directors: Steve Krauss, Ari Halper

Group Creative Directors: Stu Mair, Anthony DeCarolis

Associate Creative Director: Noel Hamilton  

Copywriter: Reagan Ward

Art Director: Ian Liu

Project Manager: Emma Tonetti

Producer: Lauren Tuttman

Partner: Rick Cusato

Senior Vice President, Account Director: Nikki Maizel

Vice President, Account Director: Cristina Fotieo

Account Executive: Genevieve Gray

Assistant Account Executive: Abel Flint

Senior Planner: Steve House

Production Company: Vision, New York

Directors: Michael Andrews, Daniel Mabe

Director of Photography: Jordan Parrott

Editors: Jesus Sepulveda, Adam Talaid, Vision Post @ Grey

Music: Zachary Pollakoff

Sound Design: Dante Desole

Principal Talent: James Murtaugh, Aaron Serotsky


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