Ad of the Day: Cable Companies Are Playground Bullies in Hilarious Ads for Sling TV

Too real for comfort

Everyone knows cable companies can be total bullies, but pointing it out can still make for some pretty funny ads.

SlingTV, the small-bundle Internet TV offering from Dish, is out with its first national ad campaign—from agency Camp + King and Prettybird directors Tim & Eric—casting "Old TV" as a bunch of mean-spirited kids extorting adults with playground tactics like wet willies.

There's even a bratty service rep character that—given the slew of horror stories about, say, Comcast—doesn't really have to stretch the truth to evoke a striking sense of tragicomedy. She has a smug, hovering Bill Lumbergh wannabe of a supervisor—also pretty credible, and in a sense, a kind of nice, sympathetic nod to a certain class of worker bee. Maybe she's not really awful; she's just playing along to keep her job.

The 60-second centerpiece is the most effective, though the 30-second spinoffs include some eyebrow-raising moments, like when a cable bully tries to "milk" money out of a defiant prospect (the deviants among you can probably guess how).

There's also a question of whether the casting flirts with a sort of body shaming, reinforcing stereotypes by front-loading larger body types for the bullies. But it makes sure to feature skinny jerks, too.

Regardless, while SlingTV doesn't require contracts, it does require a broadband connection, in case you were worried you wouldn't get to deal with a telecom company at all.


Client: SlingTV

Agency: Camp + King

Chief Creative Office, Partner: Roger Camp

Chief Executive Officer, Partner: Jamie King

Creative Director, Art Director: Rikesh Lal

Creative Directors, Copywriters: Jesse Dillow, Paul Sincoff

Art Director: Chris Nash

Director of Content Production: David Verhoef

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Director of Strategy: Shannon Williams

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Director: Tim & Eric

Executive Producer: Ali Brown

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