Ad of the Day: Audi Is the Best Car for Fleeing a Swarm of Killer Drones

Fun, exhilarating, topical spot

One day soon, drones will kill us all and/or deliver Apple Watches from Amazon. For now, they descend from the clouds with great menace in this rousing Audi spot from Venables Bell & Partners, which ranks among this year's most memorable commercials so far.

The minute-long aerial attack is harrowing in a cheesy way, mirroring its inspiration, Alfred Hitchcock's suspense flick The Birds. Much as that celluloid tale of nature run amok tapped into Cold War paranoia, "The Drones" plays on current fears about potentially dangerous, frightening or misunderstood technologies.

Here, the Audi A6 provides a safe haven. According to the ad, the car comes equipped with features that make driving more enjoyable and efficient, proving that "Advanced technology doesn't have to be intimidating."

While the concept is a slight stretch, the wildly watchable ad dovetails nicely with the nameplate's new tagline, "Challenge all givens." That theme also graces a second spot, "Teenager," which takes a radically different creative approach.

Thanks, Audi! I'll cherish your words of wisdom as I slog through our uncertain, mega-mechanized age. And just to be safe, I'll keep watching the skies!


Client: Audi

Spot: "The Drones"

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Founder, Chairman: Paul Venables

ECD: Will McGinness

Creative Director: Tyler Hampton, Lee Einhorn

Art Director: Greg Wyatt, Byron Del Rosario

Copywriter: Bryan Karr

Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen

Executive Producer: Mandi Holdorff

Producer: Hannah Murray

Acct Director: Justin Pitcher

Acct Manager: Oliver Glenn, Natalia Montero

Prod Company: MJZ

Director: Dante Ariola

DP: Matthew Libatique

Executive Producer: Scott Howard

Line Producer: Natalie Hill

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Adam Pertrofsky

Asst Editor: Marjorie Sacks

Executive Producer: Angela Dorian

Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh

VFX: The Mill

VFX Supervisor, 2D Lead: Gareth Parr

VFX Supervisor, 3D Lead: Simon Brown

Creative Director: John Leonti

Executive Producer: Enca Kaul

Producer: Chris Harlowe

Production Coordinator: Karina Ford

Music: Elias Arts

ECD: Vinnie LoRusso

CD: Mike Goldstein

EP: Vicki Ordeshook

Head of Production: Katie Overcash

Sound Design: Brian Emrich, Trinitite

Mix: Loren Silber, Lime Studios

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