Ad of the Day: Allianz

Thinking of driving drunk? Have a good look in the mirror first

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the drunkest of them all?

Ogilvy Brazil is more determined than ever to stop you from driving drunk. The agency is actually something of an expert in this area. Its numerous on-site bar stunts in recent years have included everything from giving out wildly inflated bar tabs (in which the staggering financial costs of a drunk-driving accident are factored into the bill) to accosting people with the Drunk Valet, a sloshy reminder that no one—not a valet, and not you—should drive your car drunk.

This latest bar stunt, on behalf of insurance company Allianz—is interesting, too. The agency installed a special, magical mirror next to the bathrooms that presented a delayed reflection to the person looking into it. This mimicked the effect alcohol has on a person's reflexes after only a few drinks—as copy on the digital device explained after each person interacted with it. Presumably the images were extra delayed for people who were already drunk when they looked into the mirror—perhaps provoking, if not a crisis of conscience, at least a good bout of nausea, which could possibly preclude a stomach pumping later in the evening.

Who knows how effective this was in preventing drunk driving. At the very least, the thing undeniably looks like fun to play around with. And with these kinds of messages, engagement is half the battle. Cheers to Ogilvy for another fun trip to the pub.


Client: Allianz Insurance

Agency: OgilvyOne, São Paulo, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer: Anselmo Ramos

Executive Creative Director: Marcos Ribeiro

Creative Directors: Marcos Ribeiro, Alexandre Ravagnani

Art Directors: Fernando Passos, Rafael Gatuzzo

Copywriters: Flavio Tamashiro, Erich Moreira

Accounts: Felipe Obara, Andrea Tornovsky, Denise Caruso

Media: Luciana Serra, Larissa Dias

Planners: Luis Stateri, Marian Travassos, Cleber Almeida

Producers: Cecília Taioli, Adriana Jorge

Production Company: Santa Transmedia

Film Director: Gustavo Rodrigues

Sound Design: Sound Design