Ad of the Day: Adobe

A talking chimp and horse are less impressed than you with the Super Bowl spots

A talking chimp and talking horse are the perfect Super Bowl ad characters. But that doesn't mean they have any respect for those who shell out a fortune for 30 seconds of TV time.

Adobe released this spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners online this morning, and it's the perfect riposte to last night's incredible spend-fest. It shows a chimp and a horse on a film set discussing their roles in an upcoming ad for the "big game," though soon it becomes clear that this is purely mercenary work for these guys.

"Can you believe they spend millions of dollars on these things? For what, 30 seconds?" says the chimp. "You know, it's way cheaper to run it online, 'cause then they'll know who sees it and whether it works."

As the E*Trade baby would say, "Boom!"

Advertising people will chuckle that it was Goodby that made this spot—the same agency that had such great success using a chimp in E*Trade's Super Bowl spots more than a decade ago. (Here it's a man in a chimp costume.)

The spot advertises Adobe Marketing Cloud, an Adobe product that offers digital marketers a set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management solutions for real-time monitoring of online campaigns.

The spot ends with the Adobe tagline "Metrics, not myths."




Advertising Agency

Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Rich Silverstein – Co-Chairman, Creative Director

Keith Anderson – Creative Director

Shane Fleming – Art Director

Steve Nathans – Copywriter


Cindy Fluitt – Director of Broadcast Production

Cindy Epps – Producer


Robert Riccardi – Managing Partner

Angie Ziebell – Account Director

Joel Giullian – Account Director

VJ Varoon Jain – Account Manager


John Thorpe – Group Brand Strategy Director

Molly Cabe – Senior Brand Strategist


Dong Kim – Group Communication Strategy Director

Sarah Alwen – Sr. Communication Strategist

Production Company

Tool of North America

Director – Tom Routson


Barbary Post

Visual Effects

Brickyard VFX, Santa Monica

VFX Supervisor/Colorist: Mandy Sorenson

VFX Artist: Patrick Poulatian

VFX Artist: Chris Sonia

VFX Artist: Todd Mesher

VFX Artist: Andy Edwards

Head of CG: David Blumenfeld

CG Artist: Bryant Reif

CG Artist: Matt Rosenfeld

Producer: Linda Jackson

Executive Producer: Jeff Blodgett

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