Ad of the Day: Adidas Relaunches Superstar Shoe With Non-Superstars David Beckham and Pharrell

It's not about the fame and fortune

David Beckham, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and Damian Lillard are not superstars. Or at least, that's what they'll tell you in this dramatic new "#OriginalSuperstars" spot for Adidas.

Johannes Leonardo in New York created the 90-second spot, which will be accompanied by six more 30-second executions. It's the agency's first work for Adidas Originals since being added to the brand's roster of agencies last year. 

Filmed in black and white, the spot has a timeless feel to it as it celebrates 45 years of the iconic, three-striped Superstar shoe. The campaign will also launch Pharrell's own Supercolor line for Adidas.

"#OriginalSuperstars" follows the four celebs as they redefine what it truly means to be a superstar by telling you everything it's not. Beckham and company claim stardom isn't about having your own bodyguard. It's not about having thousands of strangers know every intimate detail of your life. It's not even about people being able to identify you solely by your first name.

Pharrell and Lillard don't necessarily give you an answer to the pressing question, but the campaign is designed to challenge how people use the word superstar today and ignite a discussion to discover who the true superstars are.


Client: Adidas

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Chief Creative Officers: Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico

Executive Creative Directors: Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber

Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi

Creatives: Matt Edwards, Wes Phelan

Business Director: Carter Collins

Account Director: Sam McCallum

Account Executive: Gulru Soylu

Broadcast Executive Producer: Cedric Gairard

Print Executive Producer: Maria Perez

Integrated Producer: Peisin Yang Lazo

Strategist: Jennifer Colman

Designers: Andrea Gustafson, Dave Kerr, Annette Lay

Audio: Sonic Union

Mix Engineer: Steve Rosen

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