Actress Stays, Slapstick Goes in Bank Ads

NEW YORK Commerce Bank is shucking the slapstick comedy but keeping Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a new campaign by Tierney Communications that supports the bank’s New York metro expansion, the agency said.

The first of three ads breaks Wednesday and plays up Commerce’s policy of allowing dogs in its branches. Another spot, filmed in black and white, spoofs film noir by showing bank customers collapsing on a street because, as Louis-Dreyfus explains, “the bank fees are killing them.”

The new work retains the 7-year-old tagline, “America’s most convenient bank.”

Sources estimated the media buy to be worth $25 million.

Commerce is opening 50 new locations this summer, 40 of which will be in the New York metro market, said Rick Radzinski, senior vice president and management director at Interpublic Group’s Tierney in Philadelphia.

—Adweek staff report