An Account This Shop Won’t Win

Anyone upset with telephone company Nynex-now Bell Atlantic -and who doesn’t have any luck with the customer service department can turn to the Internet to vent their frustration.
Thinking Media, a New York-based interactive ad agency, hosts a Web site called Nynex Sucks (, which catalogs consumers’ complaints about Nynex-and there are many.
Thinking Media’s managing director, Owen Davis, originally launched the site because it took Nynex six months to get his T1 line hooked up. “They just couldn’t get anything right,” he said, “and everybody shares the same sentiment.”
One touchy item not featured on the site came in an email to Davis. A Web surfer claimed that a Nynex ad banner was linked to lists of customers’ home phone numbers and the best time to reach them in a “closed stats” area on Nynex’s Web site.
There are, however, reams of other anti-Nynex customer testimonials.
A Bell Atlantic representative familiar with Nynex Sucks said the company had acted quickly to remove any personal records posted online. -Anya Sacharow