Accidents Will Happen

A new print campaign for British Knights athletic footwear takes a graphic look at the relative strengths, or otherwise, of various human body parts.
Three ads from Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York, target teens with headlines such as, “Tragically, Carlton’s bladder was not as strong as his shoes.” The ad (shown here) shows the boy’s midsection with a wet patch emanating from the groin area.
Another states: “Shamefully, Frederick’s skills were not as strong as his shoes.” The image is of a bloody, scraped knee with stitches in it.
Tom James, director of account services at AF&G, said he had received no complaints about the ads, and added they had tested well overseas.
This is BK’s second print campaign from the agency, which picked up the account in December. BK parted ways with its previous agency, Deutsch in New York, a year ago. The account is estimated to be worth $2 million. –Sloane Lucas