Abstract Edge Retains Clairol Professional

NEW YORK — Abstract Edge has managed to hold on to the Clairol Professional interactive account following Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of the brand from Bristol-Myers Squibb last November, the agency said Tuesday.

The New York-based interactive shop originally won the business in August 2001, but sources said Clairol’s entire CRM account was put in review early this year as a result of the purchase.

In retaining the account, Abstract Edge (responsible for Clairol’s http://www.thecreativestudio.com/) has landed a spot on a shrinking P&G interactive roster. Since last July, the Cincinnati-based consumer products goods company has trimmed its global roster of 40 i-shops to 9 in an effort to reduce costs and integrate online marketing programs [IQ Daily Briefing, Feb. 18].

Also victorious in that review were P&G roster shops imc2 in Dallas and Targetbase Interactive in Irving, Texas, which won Clairol’s interactive, consumer marketing and direct-marketing chores, respectively, according to sources.

Previously, R/GA handled interactive, consumer marketing for the hair-care brand. Sources said the New York i-shop was eliminated due to conflicts: Interpublic Group sibling McCann-Erickson is a longtime Unilever shop. In January, P&G shifted general advertising for Clairol’s hair-color products line from IPG shop FCB to Grey Global Group’s Ericsson-Fina for the same reason.