AAF Relies on Carmichael

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Advertising Federation tapped Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch to create a two-year, integrated marketing campaign stressing the importance of advertising to corporate executives of 1,500 companies with ad budgets of $10 million or more.
AAF greenlighted the campaign, “Advertising: A New Brand of Business,” after surveying 1,800 top managers. It is the first study in 20 years to explore top corporate attitudes about advertising. The campaign kicks off later this year.
Carmichael will study executive lifestyles and bombard corporate heads with advertisements. The guerrilla strategy is designed to hit executives in their personal and professional lives: in newspapers, Web banners, leisure magazines.
“They will trip over this stuff,” said John Colasanti, Carmichael’s director of account management.
The shop bested three “large, national agencies” for the account, according to AAF rep Marjorie Valin who said AAF officials were impressed with Carmichael’s brand building and integrated marketing experience.
The agency is providing pro bono creative services for the campaign, while the AAF will fund production costs. Print space for the work will be dependent on donations by magazines and newspapers favored by executives.
To many execs, advertising takes a back seat to product development, strategic planning and public relations when it comes to increasing sales.
Agency officials estimate the work is equivalent to a $12 million campaign.