AAF To Advertise Ads

The American Advertising Federation may review agencies later this year to select a shop to develop a campaign aimed at changing the image of advertising among business executives.
Announced at the AAF’s conference in Minneapolis on Friday, the campaign will be centered on the theme, “Advertising: a new brand of business,” said AAF president and chief executive officer Wally Snyder. The theme reflects the “new dynamics” of the advertising industry and the effect it can have on business, he said.
Agency participation in the campaign has not yet been determined, though Snyder said the AAF “probably will be conducting a review of some sort” to select a lead agency.
Details of the advertising will be fleshed out after the first phase of the campaign–a survey of corporate executives that begins this week–is completed in November. Results of the survey, which will question executives nationwide on their attitudes about advertising, will be turned over to a 27-person steering committee, with representatives from agencies, advertisers and media outlets. Phil Guarascio, vice president and general manager of marketing and advertising for General Motors’ North American operations, will chair the committee.
Spending has not been determined for the campaign, which will aim to change the views of advertising at “the highest levels,” Snyder said. “We think advertising is viewed too narrowly,” he said. “We need to deal with this issue with clients because not all of them are aware of the new marketplace and new tools we have.”