A Menacing Black Hole Embodies Marketers’ Greatest Fears in the Latest MailChimp Campaign

Droga5 delves into the product

Does this look like your 'What's my Instagram ROI?' face? MailChimp
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You’ve heard of MailChimp. And if you’ve followed the ad industry or listened to any podcasts over the past year-plus, you know what it isn’t: a shrimp, a blimp, a limp, or any other adorably rhyming object.

But what does the company sell, exactly?

According to the latest campaign from creative agency of record Droga5, the answer is simple: certainty.

More specifically, MailChimp promises to help reduce what its own consumers have called “the black hole of uncertainty” that shadows every decision they make when marketing their own businesses. In a series of spots that debuted today, the role of that bottomless void is played by a very literal black hole that pulses and expands, threatening to engulf the wary small business owner who only wanted to find more customers on Instagram!

“There are lots of unknowns; you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing,” said Droga5 executive creative director Neil Heymann in explaining the challenges faced by MailChimp customers. They are, overwhelmingly, small business owners who lack the budgets to hire in-house marketers—and in repeated surveys they say the very act of organizing and automating a marketing campaign can feel like “throwing money into a black hole.”

Sound familiar?

“We now have the task of talking in some detail about what MailChimp products do,” Heymann added, describing the colorful campaigns that launched in January as “more about saying hello.”

All four new spots play on the same theme.

No previous MailChimp promos have touched on measuring one’s Instagram spend. “We wanted to say, as simply as possible, that MailChimp is more than just an email service,” Heymann noted.

Then there’s the hole itself, which begins to take on a certain personality as the series progresses.

That was almost frightening. Heymann said, “What good story doesn’t have some conflict or enemy? In this case, [that enemy is] nothingness itself … anything that does not provide clarity.”

This digital-only campaign will be carefully targeted toward the sort of people who use MailChimp.

Heymann noted that the work aims to illustrate the “emotional rollercoaster” experienced by those using the products while also reflecting MailChimp’s desire to express strong opinions without taking itself too seriously.

“We want to continue to put out a brand with a personality in what can be a very dry category,” he said.


Client: MailChimp
Agency: Droga5
Campaign: “MailChimp vs. The Black Hole”

Chief Marketing Officer: Tom Klein
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