A Horde of Morty Robots Learn About Flavor Stacking in Pringles Super Bowl Teaser

The Adult Swim-created spot marks the CPG brand's third Big Game appearance

a classroom full of morty robots
The Morty robots screech in unison about Pringles flavor combos. Pringles
Headshot of Kathryn Lundstrom

In a new, 6-second teaser for Pringles’ Super Bowl 2020 ad, a bunch of Morty robots with Julius Pringles heads for eyes sit in a classroom learning about “flavor stacking”—sandwiching several different flavors of Pringles on top of one another to make new combos—from one teacher Morty robot.

In Morty’s signature screech, the teacher robot points to the blackboard and tells the student robots that “Cheddar, BBQ Wavy and Sour Cream & Onion makes a three-layer dip stack.” The student Morty robots echo the statement, their voices screeching in unison.

The 30-second Super Bowl spot for was created by Adult Swim in partnership with Grey Group, and will air in the second quarter. This marks Pringles’ third year in a row in the Big Game but the first for sci-fi adventuring duo Rick and Morty.

The Pringles-Rick and Morty partnership will continue all year, featuring collaborations with the Rickmobile—a truck shaped like Rick that drives around selling exclusive merchandise—and an activation at San Diego Comic-Con.

The spot continues the flavor stacking theme from the last couple years. Two years ago, Bill Hader kicked off the snacking strategy (and Pringles’ Super Bowl career) by having his mind blown by a spicy barbecue pizza combination, and last year’s spot starred an Alexa-like voice assistant lamenting its lack of taste buds.

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@klundster kathryn.lundstrom@adweek.com Kathryn Lundstrom is Adweek's breaking news reporter based in Austin.