If the 2000s were about the digitization of traditional media, the 2020s will be about virtualization.iStock

Gabrielle Union: ‘My Overall Goal Is to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in a Real Way’


The multi-hyphenate discusses how her endeavors center the experiences of marginalized communities.

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The Dodo and Sesame Street Are Helping Rescue Dogs Find Homes


New online series Families for Furry Friends features characters like Elmo and is sponsored by Target.

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Venus Williams Calls Out Health Care’s Gender Bias in Blue Shield Campaign

Health and Wellness

Venus Williams joins other women in a campaign that calls out biased health care providers.

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Mastercard’s Gambit: World Chess Master Magnus Carlsen Added as Brand Ambassador


“I enjoyed The Queen’s Gambit and love how the show has helped fuel chess’s popularity,” Carlsen told Adweek. “Growing the chess community is very important to me, so I’m thrilled [...]

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Will Be ‘More Sustainable’ by 2025


The fast food giant makes over 1 billion toys per year.

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Juice Press Founder Launches New Health and Wellness Brand

I'm With the Brand

Before founding the health and wellness brand Juice Press in 2010 in NYC and expanding it to 85 locations across the country, Antebi worked in the family business and even [...]

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At Target, Customer Experience ‘Is the North Star, Always’


CMO Cara Sylvester on staying true to your brand promise.

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Google Exec Says Pandemic Has Reinvigorated Purpose-Driven Marketing


Brands need to re-examine the fundamentals of their purpose.

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From Small-Town News to Gatekeeper to the Stars of DTC

Leadership & Talent

At The Lead PR, Casey McDonald manages media relations for some of the hottest digitally native startups.

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Infographic: Why Music Is the Way to Reach Hispanic Americans

Data Points

Data shows that this demographic responds more to creative with a more aligned cultural twist.

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Beloved but Elusive, McDonald’s McFlurry Is a Fast-Food Icon


The treat-laden frozen dessert is beloved in 99 countries—too bad it's so hard to get one.

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Upwork Makes the Case for Sourcing Talent Globally


Now that we've proven that remote workers do work, Patrick Holly suggests a new way forward.

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How Covid-19 Has Redefined the Ideal Traveler

Travel & Transportation

How cloud technology and consumer intelligence are helping Zeta Global and Adara fill hotels and flights.

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Lego Campaign Highlights Brand’s Goal of Encouraging Imagination and Collaboration

Legacy Brands

This is Lego's third year of promoting its "Rebuild the World" campaign.

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How PepsiCo Is Taking a Major Sustainability Step in Promoting Its Recycled Bottles

Food & Beverage

PepsiCo recently made sustainability pledges across a variety of markets.

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Xerox Names Deena LaMarque Piquion New CMO


She will drive reinvention after heading up the company's Latin America operations.