A 9-5 Dog Day At The Office

Casual Friday is one thing and Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is another, but this week’s “Dog Day at Archer/Malmo” may top them all.
This Friday at the Memphis, Tenn., agency, “If you have a dog, know a dog, like dogs or suspect deep down you were a dog in another life, this is your day,” said agency public relations representative Ashley Webster.
Employees are encouraged to bring their hounds to work. And since everyone knows advertising is a dog-eat-dog business, there will be canine competitions. Those staffers who are not pet owners will judge the events.
Contests include a “K-9 Run” along the Mid-America Mall near the agency, a beauty pageant for the mutts as well as one for “Owners Who Most Look Like Their Dogs.”
Let the games begin.
– T.W. Siebert