6 Ways to Smuggle Your Booze Into the Game

With the college football season barely two weeks old, schools that aren’t in the five power conferences are scrambling for ways to boost revenue for their stadiums. One sure-shot marketing tactic is, of course, selling alcohol. But while three more colleges decided to begin doing that this year, the total number of wet arenas still numbers just 21. That’s out of 120 Division I schools in total—and it’s just beer they’re selling.

As colleges debate whether or not to add suds to their menu boards, however, fans are simply resorting to BYOB—helped in large part by companies selling flasks like the ones here, cleverly disguised to look like stuff you’d bring to the game anyway.

“It never ceases to amaze me what people will do just to have a drink,” said spirits industry consultant Arthur Shapiro, who points out that sporting arenas searching bags for booze will only increase the number of fans trying to smuggle it in. “Every action has a reaction,” he said. “Nature hates a vacuum, so these pop-up entrepreneurs are saying, ‘Going to the game? Make sure you have some wine—and stick it in your bra!’”

Or your phone, or your necktie.


Wallet Flask

Hey, every dude needs a wallet anyway, right?



Nobody dresses up for games anymore; now there’s a reason to.


The Wine Rack

(sorry, that’s the name) HideYourBooze.com It speaks for itself.


iPhone Flask

Never mind the 64-bit chip, this phone holds 5 ounces of your favorite alcohol.


Book Flask

In case the game gets dull, be sure to bring a book like this one.



The eyepieces pull off and make shot glasses on this visionary product.

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