6 Shops in Talk Soup

Gossip Webcast station eYada.com is searching for an agency to handle creative and media chores on its $10 million account.
The company confirmed it is in the initial stages of a review and has met with DeVito/Verdi, Dweck, DiMassimo Brand Advertising, Mad Dogs & Englishmen and has contacted Fallon McElligott and Weiss Stagliano Partners, all in New York. The site will launch officially in September with a “big advertising push” slated for November, a representative said.
The Web site, which bills itself as “The most outrageous talk on the Internet. You gotta eYada!” enables users to interact with media personalities, including sex expert Bob Berkowitz, the former host of CNBC’s Real Personal; The New York Daily News’ gossip columnists Rush and Molloy and Richard Johnson, editor of The New York Post’s Page Six column. The free site is supported by ads.
The firm intends to expand the service to include dedicated sites featuring live Webcasts with athletes who will discuss extreme sports, in addition to sites for business/finance and women’s issues.
“What we’re doing is merging radio and the Internet,” said Bob Meyrowitz, the firm’s CEO and lead investor. Meyrowitz, who created the rock radio show The King Biscuit Flower Hour and is the owner of an entertainment firm that produces pay-per-view events, said his plan for eYada’s launch was to “get it up, get it on and then sell it.”
Other principals in the venture: Scott Grodnick, formerly of SonicNet, and Maureen Kelly, former director of technology at Time magazine.