5 Pepsi Brands Share Super Spotlight

NEW YORK Clearly illustrating just how much the beverage category has changed, PepsiCo said today that it would air Super Bowl ads for five different brands: Gatorade G2, Amp Energy, SoBe Life Water, Diet Pepsi Max and Pepsi.

In past years, the majority of this expensive ad time was typically devoted to “core” brands like Pepsi and Diet Pepsi. However, as consumer tastes continue to shift, promoting non-core energy drinks and non-carbonated beverages has become essential.

“It is an example of how the business has changed the last few years,” said Pepsi-Cola North America rep Dave DeCecco. “Look at the depth of our portfolio. We have the chance to give each brand an opportunity to be in the limelight and at the center of pop culture.”

Gatorade G2 will debut. New York Yankee Derek Jeter will show how the lower calorie drink can help athletes stay hydrated off of the field.

SoBe Life Water will be restaged with the help of supermodel Naomi Campbell. Life Water is PepsiCo’s answer to Coca-Cola’s Glac