5 Great Google Commercials to Watch on Its 14th Birthday


Chrome – Lady Gaga

In many ways, the Chrome campaign, produced with ad agency BBH, has been Google's strongest advertising. This spot, with Lady Gaga, is closing in on 10 million views.


Chrome – Justin Bieber

The Justin Bieber spot for Chrome is one of the most seamless from the series, celebrating an artist who really did make the most of the web.


Chrome – Dear Sophie

This spot, however, is the crowning achievement from the Chrome work—an ad that always brings viewers to tears with its young father documenting his daughter's first years.


Project Glass

Released just five months ago, this is the most-shared Google video of all time—an early product demo of Google Glasses, which will soon turn your entire world into a user interface. It has 17 million views and counting.


Parisian Love

Google aired this spot on the 2010 Super Bowl. A simple masterpiece, it accomplishes the improbable—using only screen shots to make a faceless technology company seem irresistibly human. One of the great Super Bowl ads of the past decade.