5 Agencies Chase Juice Press

A chance to work closely with the founder

The primary challenge facing contenders for Juice Press' creative account is how to do more with less.

The New York-based chain that sells pressed juices, smoothies and raw food entrées, which began four years ago with a store in the East Village, has since expanded to 19 locations, with plans to open another five this year. But as a classic challenger brand, its marketing budget is only $200,000, according to an initial request for information that the company issued to about a dozen agencies in early July.

The five agencies that have reached the final round are well aware of the budget limitations, though. Their interest is the brand stems chiefly from the chance to work closely with its founder, Marcus Antebi, and lead investor Michael Karsch, as well as marketing and communications chief Roxanne Palin. And who knows, Juice Press could become the next Honest Tea or Chobani—little engines that became big influencers in the realms of beverages and yogurts.

Juice Press executives briefed the finalists this week; the next step is a work session on Aug. 8, followed by final presentations in mid-August, according to Lisa Colantuono, co-president of AAR Partners, a New York-based consultancy that's managing the search.

Juice Press identified the contenders as Concept Farm, People Ideas & Culture, Oberland, Triptent and dc3, all of which are based in New York.

In the past, Juice Press worked with shops like NSG/SWAT on a project basis. Going forward, the company will establish an ongoing retainer relationship. A selection is expected by the end of next month.