$40-50 Mil. Pilsner Biz to Leagas

Leagas Delaney’s office here has won the Pilsner Urquell International beer account, adding a rapidly expanding brewery to its client list.

Executives at Leagas said the account may eventually be worth $40-50 million in billings.

The decision came after a review that included WCRS, London, and Wieden + Kennedy’s office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Pilsner Urquell is a well-known beer brand in the Czech Republic. The brewer wants to expand the market for its golden beer to other areas in Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Leagas will produce a global campaign for the brewer. Phil Plowman, marketing director for Pilsner, said Leagas understood the challenges his company faces as it expands into other countries.

“[They have] the commitment and creativity required to release the potential of this brand,” Plowman said in a press release announcing the decision.

Leagas executives said they did not know when a campaign might launch in the U.S. They also did not say if the campaign will focus on TV or print ads.

“The schedule for the campaign is indefinite right now,” Harry Cocciolo, creative director at Leagas, said. He added, however, that the client and agency are in agreement on the main concepts of future advertising.

The world’s first pilsner beer was brewed in 1842 at the Burgess Brewery in Pilsen—known as the beer capital of the world and now the site of Pilsner Urquell’s brewery. “It’s rare to find a beer brand with such a unique story,” said Cocciolo.

Cocciolo said the agency was selected after presenting speculative creative work to the client.

The pitch was handled from the London office, but the business will be serviced out of both the San Francisco and London offices.

The San Francisco shop also works with Adidas, Blue Nile, Red Envelope and Ariba.