4 Ways Female-Focused Brands Are Reaping Benefits in the Sextech, Healthcare and Retail Sectors

After ignoring women for so long, some challengers found ways to engage this massive consumer base

A machine prints a receipt; on the receipt a person walks; hands are extended to catch the person when they fall of the receipt
Marketers are finally seeing women as separate entities with their own purchasing preferences. Getty Images

While gender and sexuality become increasingly fluid, the influence of women within the global economy is more concrete than ever. In lieu of meaningful female representation at the C-suite level of venture-backed startups or Fortune 500 companies, brands struggle to keep up. This economic shift has inspired a wave of purpose-driven brand campaigns, which prioritize brand values as the key selling point. Nike’s recent “Dream Crazier” ad and Bumble’s Super Bowl spot “The Ball Is in Her Court” are examples of storytelling happening on a grand scale that celebrate the female experience.

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