4 Shops On A Quest For Video Launch

Campaign For Warner Bros. Film To Hinge On Toy-Based Promotions
LOS ANGELES–Warner Bros. Family Entertainment continues its quest for a partner to handle creative ad duties for the Oct. 13 home video release of Warner Bros.’ successful animated children’s film Quest for Camelot.
The client, based in Burbank, Calif., has narrowed its list of contenders for the creative portion of the estimated $4 million launch campaign to four Los Angeles-area agencies, according to Dan Capone, Warner Home Video’s director of marketing, family entertainment. The winning shop, expected to be chosen this week, will create a TV campaign to break during the first week of October.
The launch will rely heavily on promotions featuring toys based on characters from the film, Capone said. “We’re researching agencies that specialize in kids’ toy advertising,” he said.
The promotions package will include offers for a pendant of Devon & Cornwall (the film’s goofy two-headed dragon), a stuffed toy and a Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary savings booklet. “We’re positioning the video more along the lines of a toy,” Capone said. “The advertising will focus on the toys you can get [with the video purchase].”
The TV campaign will air on children’s and family programming such as The Simpsons, Family Matters and 7th Heaven. Ads will also air on Nickelodeon, Fox Family Channel and other cable networks. Print ads will break in November issues of family and entertainment magazines.
Released theatrically earlier this year, the film is an Arthurian adventure story, featuring dragons and other mythical creatures and focusing on a young heroine’s battle against the forces of evil.
Media buying for the launch will be handled by Grey Entertainment in New York.
Separately, Warner Home Video breaks a national campaign this week supporting two exclusive-to-video Teletubbies titles it is co-releasing with the Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Co. The estimated $5 million campaign includes TV spots created by CBO in Hollywood, Calif., and print ads from B.D. Fox & Friends in Santa Monica, Calif. Grey is handling media buying. –with Angela Dawson