4 Brands Building Buzz at EDC Music Festival

Has significant millennial power

Hoards of electronic music fans will descend on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend for the Electronic Daisy Carnival, and brands including 7UP and Bud Light Platinum want in on the action. The Insomniac-produced event is expected to bring in 400,000 people, and its size is akin to the Super Bowl for electronic dance music fans.

Bovitz Inc. commissioned a study on behalf of Live Nation’s data arm Live Analytics to better understand concertgoers and brands’ opportunity with this group (who are a crop with a well-known and distinct style).

The research found that the average EDC concertgoer is 28 years old, and unsurprisingly, loves social media. Eighty-eight percent of attendees said they planned to use Facebook at the event while 71 percent wanted to tweet. Other big platforms include Instagram (68 percent), Snapchat (56 percent) and Vine (55 percent).

The research also bodes well for marketers—82 percent of concertgoers in the study were interested in being involved with brands at the event or receiving free giveaways.

The music festival also has a bit of a trippy reputation, which could be appealing for brands looking to tap into that "positivity."

Take a look at how four brands are activating on-site EDC promotions:


EDC fits into 7UP’s broader #7x7UP program launched earlier this year that targets the electronic dance music community. The soda brand has partnered with seven DJs at seven festivals (which also included a launch party for musician Tiësto’s launch party earlier this year) as part of the program.

7Up will also sponsor a new Electric Daisy Curated video experience.

Bud Light Platinum

Bud Light Platinum plans to roll out a VIP lounge inside a garage on the Las Vegas Speedway as part of its “Turn Up Your Night” campaign. The space will include a photo booth, candy bracelet station and dance floor.


The mobile manufacturer is making a big push for its Moto X smartphone with a contest where concertgoers can compete in music, stage design, art installation and costume design.


Earlier this week, Snapchat launched a new feature called Our Story that strings together snaps to create a big message for groups of people at the same venue, which will be used at EDC this weekend.

The mobile-social app will also provide WiFi to ensure that attendees can actually use their phones to participate.

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