3 Shops Chase Rémy Martin V

Final pitches are next week

Three New York agencies are preparing for final pitches in the Rémy Martin V creative review.

Sources identified the shops as The Brooklyn Brothers, NSG/Swat and AFG&. Agency presentations are schedule for next week, with a decision expected shortly thereafter.

The brand's parent company, Rémy Cointreau, needs an agency that can market the eau-de-vie on a limited media budget of $2 million a year, according to an initial request for proposals. In particular, the company seeks to reach African-American women. Ark Advisors in New York is managing the search.

First introduced in 2010, Rémy Martin V is an ultra-premium spirit that sells for about $40 a bottle. To date, its marketing has been limited.

Ark did not return calls and Rémy Cointreau could not immediately be reached.