24 Hours in Advertising: Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tom Brady's future as a brand ambassador, Twitter's sales are up, more

Tom Brady's suspension was upheld, but marketing experts insist that this won't impact the quarterback's role as a brand ambassador. Plus, Twitter's ad sales jumped 63 percent in the last quarter. 

New on Adweek:

StubHub gets a new logo

With an updated logo, StubHub has also effectively changed its mission from simply a ticket reselling business to a larger, end-to-end, event-experience company. 

CBS will livestream Super Bowl spots

For Super Bowl L, CBS announced it plans to livestream all national ads during the game. Advertisers won't be able to opt out, either. 

A blow to the Tom Brady brand?

Tom Brady's suspension may have been upheld, but marketing experts suggest that this setback will not have any long-term effects on future endorsement deals for the quarterback. 

Twitter reports increase in ad sales

Twitter reported its ad sales jumped 63 percent in the last quarter, but the social media company is still having trouble with its user growth.

Agency execs still see benefits to Google+

Google announced it won't force its other digital products on Google+ users, but agency execs are optimistic about some services that will be spun off as a result. 

Around the Web:

HBO Now comes to Verizon customers

Approximately 100 million Verizon Wireless customers will soon have access to HBO Now, as Verizon announced it will sell the service directly to its customers. (Re/code)

Microsoft debuts Windows 10

Microsoft launched its latest product, Windows 10, on Wednesday. The company's new operating system was designed to work on desktop and mobile. (Reuters)

Yelp stops national brand advertising 

Yelp's stock dropped as much as 18 percent on Tuesday after the company announced it won't sell national brand advertising moving forward. (Bloomberg) 

Publishers hire Snapchat specialists

Big publishers using Snapchat's Discover platform, including CNN and National Geographic, have hired people solely to work on a Snapchat strategy. (Digiday) 

Burger King's global expansion may overtake McDonald's

In the battle of fast-food chains, Burger King may soon overtake McDonald's in the global marketplace. Burger King now operates in about 100 countries, with most new stores opening overseas. (Fusion) 

Industry Shake-ups: 

Goodby closes New York shop

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has closed its New York office, pointing to the failed Comcast-Time Warner merger as a turning point for the agency. (Adweek)