24 Hours in Advertising: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brands look to Carli Lloyd post World Cup, everyone's into Shark Week, more

With a big win over Japan in the World Cup Final, the U.S. Women's National team hopes to keep the soccer momentum alive in the states while brands look to star Carli Lloyd for endorsements. Plus, brands celebrate the return of Shark Week. 

New on Adweek:

How U.S. Women's National team will keep momentum

After an impressive World Cup win, National Women's Soccer League commissioner Jeff Plush spoke to Adweek about how he plans to keep people excited about the league. 

Nike celebrates strong women in Moscow

As part of the "Better for It" campaign for Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam created a new set of dramatic spots, alongside some outdoor ads and GIFs.  

Brands will jump to get Carli Lloyd on their teams

After the U.S. Women's National team won the Women's World Cup, with big help from player Carli Lloyd, brands will most likely turn to the soccer star for endorsements.

Athletes make a better match to sell men's grooming products 

While actresses are a good choice to sell beauty brands, men prefer to see athletes, not celebrities, as the face of their grooming brands. 

Brands celebrate Shark Week

Big-name brands from McDonald's to Red Bull were tweeting about Discovery's Shark Week, proving the week of programs has become somewhat of a national holiday. 

Around the Web:

American Apparel to close some stores

American Apparel will close a handful of underperforming stores and will also cut jobs, according to new CEO Paula Schneider. (USA Today) 

Starbucks bumps up prices

A number of coffee drinks at Starbucks will get price hikes, between 5 to 20 cents. Small and large regular cups of coffee, for example, will cost 10 cents more. (NBC News) 

Oreo hopes for a more adult image

The cookie company announced it plans to release a new, more adult type of Oreo cookie called Oreo Thins. Three of the slimmer cookies will have 140 calories, rather than 160 calories. (Time)  

Twitter uses balloons to get data from users

In a move to get more data from users, Twitter will start showing a string of balloons on users' profiles on their birthdays. (Tech Crunch) 

Meet Marvel's marketing team

Marvel Entertainment also houses a content marketing agency, helping brands including Benefits Cosmetics and Lexus create custom Marvel-centered campaigns. (The Wall Street Journal) 

Industry Shake-ups: 

Sid Lee sells to Kyu

Montreal-based agency Sid Lee made moves to enter into Asia, selling to Kyu, a unit of Hakuhodo in Japan. (Adweek)