24 Hours in Advertising: Thursday, March 12, 2015

A giant mole calls for award entries, and Ikea celebrates everyday heroes

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

Tips for your first virtual reality campaign

Before kicking off your first VR campaign, here are 15 rules that should be followed. (Adweek)

A huge mole takes over an awards call for entries

Borghi/Lowe Brazil made this insane call for entries for the Creative Club São Paulo featuring an ambitious, large mole on its journey to advertising fame. (Adweek)

Getty Images talks stock photos

Vince Vaughn and Getty Images promoted Vaughn's upcoming movie Unfinished Business with hilarious stock photos. Here's what Getty Images had to say about the campaign. (Adweek)

Ikea celebrates the everyday heroes

A new campaign from Ikea celebrates the little things in our homes that we take for granted, like hangers or the toilet brush. (Adweek)

Carlsberg brings back "If Carlsberg Did" 

After four years, Carlsberg brought back its "If Carlsberg Did" slogan with three new spots exploring what it would be like if Carlsberg did karaoke, language courses and NSFW ads. (Adweek)

Brands need new Twitter jokes

By now, a lot of brands take trending hashtags on Twitter and try to insert themselves in the social media conversation, but brands need to find some new jokes and some new inspiration. (Adweek)

Mullen creates a wonderful digital experience for National Geographic 

Mullen made a digital experience for the upcoming release of National Geographic's Killing Jesus documentary series with tons of detail and plenty of reading material. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

Pepsi revives The Pepsi Challenge

A group of celebrities, including Serena Williams, will bring back The Pepsi Challenge with monthly goals that stress social responsibility for the social media savvy. (The New York Times)

Streaming hurts cable TV ratings

At a discussion hosted by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, ad sales executives noted streaming services like Netflix caused about 40 percent of Q3 and Q4 decline in cable ratings. (The Wall Street Journal)

Parliament votes on brands' logos on cigarette packages

In the U.K., parliament will vote on selling cigarettes in plain packaging without any branding on the cartons, which could curb tobacco sales. (Reuters)

Urban Outfitters makes a comeback

Even after putting a number of offensive and controversial products on its shelves, Urban Outfitters saw total revenue shoot up 12 percent in the fourth quarter. (CNN Money)

Ikea enlists some help from anthropologists

Ikea hired anthropologists to study human behavior and help the company better understand its customers and how they live. (Racked)

Tylenol admits to contaminated medicine

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil Consumer Healthcare must pay a $25 million fine after being found guilty of selling children's liquid medicine contaminated with metal. (Fortune)

Google opens its first retail location

Google opened its very first brick and mortar retail store in the U.K., which will sell Android phones and tablets among other Google tech products. (CNET)

Industry Shake-Ups: 

Three teams advance in Sears review

Three teams from Havas, Publicis Groupe and Interpublic Group advanced in the Sears Holdings Corp. marketing review. (Adweek)

Adidas hires 72andSunny

72andSunny has been named Adidas' new lead global agency for the company's sports business, replacing longtime agency 180. (Adweek)