24 Hours in Advertising: Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

Budweiser unveils latest puppy spot, Hallmark ad features a gay couple, and NBC sells all Super Bowl spots

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

NBC gives one of its Super Bowl spots to E!

During this year's Big Game, NBCU will give one of its ad slots to sister network E! to promote its new scripted drama, The Royals. (Adweek)

What it's like to be a creative the morning after the Super Bowl

A group of creatives shared what it feels like the day after their ads air during the Super Bowl. (Adweek)

Budweiser reveals its next big puppy ad

After teasing to the Super Bowl puppy commercial "Lost Dog" last week, Budweiser finally released the full ad filled with an adorable lost dog, Clydesdales and puppy love. (Adweek)

Sprint reveals some details about its Big Game campaign

In a spot created by Deutsch L.A., Sprint announced it would issue an apology of sorts to rivals AT&T and Verizon for comparing them to sheep. (Adweek)

Jeff Bridges makes music with Squarespace

The Oscar winner stars in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad, but instead of acting he's making a soothing meditation album. (Adweek)

Hallmark's touching Valentine's Day campaign features a gay couple

To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, Hallmark released a series of touching spots asking couples to describe how they feel about their partners without using the word "love." (Adweek)

The year of regional Super Bowl ads

With such a high price tag on a national Super Bowl buy this year, some brands are choosing to run regional ads instead. (Adweek)

NBC sells all Super Bowl slots

NBC reported it sold every Super Bowl ad slot, at a $4.5 million asking price, just days before the Big Game. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

Domino's maybe makes a weird S&M print ad

A print ad for Domino's sriracha pizza drew a little too much inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey, but the brand insists via Twitter that the ad is a fake. (Jezebel)

Facebook goes real time for the Super Bowl

During this year's game, Facebook will sell targeted ads in real time based on what users are discussing and engaging with on the social network. (Reuters)

China blasts Alibaba for fake merchandise

After the Chinese government called out e-commerce giant Alibaba for not paying enough attention to fake goods sold under its watch, the company said it would file a formal complaint against the negative report. (Forbes)

Snoop Dogg gets 'hangry' for EAT24

EAT24, a food delivery service, enlisted a bit of help from Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried but didn't get any help from a major agency for its Super Bowl ad. (Agency Spy)

Pepsi's halftime game plan

Leading up to the Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl halftime show, the brand planned a number of "strange occurrences," including placing massive Pepsi logos in Phoenix, Ariz., crop fields. (The New York Times)

Katie Couric doesn't even drive a BMW

BMW Super Bowl brand ambassador Katie Couric revealed on the Today Show that she had never actually driven a BMW, and instead drives an Audi. (Business Insider)

Target's $3.4 billion bill

Target apparently owes a number of companies and agencies, from Procter & Gamble to Carat Canada, a combined $3.4 billion. (Marketing Magazine)

Industry Shake-Ups:

Mistress hires a new COO

Steve Orenstein will join Mistress' Los Angeles office form 72andSunny as the agency's first chief operating officer. (Agency Spy)