24 Hours in Advertising: Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

Tiffany makes a beautiful engagement ad and LinkedIn offers tips for job seekers

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

LinkedIn gives some tips to job seekers

Director of corporate communications at LinkedIn Catherine Fisher offered 10 tips for job seekers looking to create the best possible profile. (Adweek)

Tiffany's ad celebrates all kinds of love 

A touching new spot from Tiffany & Co. follows a handful of couples, including the real-life gay couple from the brand's print ad, as they get engaged. (Adweek)

Office Space star is as clueless as ever for HipChat

Gary Cole revived his character from '90s film Office Space in a series of new spots for HipChat, which encourage offices to shake off old technology. (Adweek)

Ebola scare boosts hand sanitizer use 

In the wake of the widespread Ebola scare, Terraboost Media, responsible for hand sanitizing billboards, saw a 650 percent increase in usage of the company's sanitizing units. (Adweek)

Coke spreads joy and bad luck

Coca-Cola spreads happiness to a few unlucky souls in a new spot that encourages people to remember there's always someone worse off than you are. (Adweek)

Netflix composes a perfect tweet on net-neutrality

As it turns out, the popular tweet on net-neutrality was not a Netflix original. But the takeaway (how slow your Internet could get should the deal go through) clearly resonated with people. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

DreamWorks reports losses

DreamWorks reported larger than expected losses for the last quarter amid restructuring and disappointing results from animated film The Penguins of Madagascar. (The New York Times)

Publishers weigh the values of social 

Some publishers have started to question the value of implementing social media strategies to drive traffic and page views. (The Wall Street Journal)

Alibaba courts Western brands

E-commerce giant Alibaba forged a partnership with Neteven to hopefully draw more Western brands to Tmall Global, the company's marketplace. (The Drum)

Lebron James hates on McDonald's

A recent interview clip caught Lebron James trash talking McDonald's until he remembered the fast-food chain actually sponsors him. Then he changed his tune a bit. (Cleveland.com)

Washington Redskins fights trademark cancelation

The Washington Redskins argued that canceling the team's trademark violates the organization's freedom of speech. (The Associated Press)

Another McDonald's ad sparks a bit of controversy

McDonald's debuted a film-themed TV campaign during the Academy Awards and some have pointed out the Leo Burnett spot is similar to an award-winning McDonald's campaign by DDB. (Agency Spy)

Yahoo pays ad sales team a fortune

Marissa Mayer reportedly doles out a cool $2.5 million salary to ad sales and digital ad sales employees at Yahoo to keep them from jumping ship during tumultuous times. (Business Insider)

YouTube has viewers, needs profit

Plenty of teens are using YouTube every day, however the company still faces the challenge of turning a profit and contributing to Google's revenue. (The Wall Street Journal)

Industry Shake-Ups: 

Zimmerman's unique assignment

Zimmerman's latest assignment doesn't quite involve advertising, but instead the agency will focus on building an audience for American Media Inc. publications, including Men's Fitness. (Adweek)

Integer Group appoints new lead creative 

Integer Group hired JWT veteran Michael Rivera as its new svp and executive creative director. (Agency Spy)