24 Hours in Advertising: Friday, May 15, 2015

Heidi Klum joins Wix.com campaign, and Mad Men reveals how it made all those ads

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

One step closer to a woman on the $20 bill

A campaign kicked off earlier this year to get a woman on the $20. Now the women behind the campaign could meet with President Barack Obama to discuss the idea. (Adweek)

The man behind the Mad Men ads

Josh Weltman, who created most of the ad campaigns featured on Mad Men, told Adweek what his process was like for the show. (Adweek)

Volkswagen's clever, customizable ad

A new campaign from Volkswagen lets viewers skip ahead or watch for as long as they want. No matter when the viewer jumps forward, the video will still make sense. (Adweek)

Why the ad industry should watch Black Mirror

While there's been a lot of buzz about Mad Men, Netflix show Black Mirror explores a terrifying world where technology dictates and dominates everything we do. (Adweek)

Heidi Klum joins Wix.com campaign

Wix.com continued its Super Bowl campaign, which showed NFL stars pursuing their dreams, with Heidi Klum and Lloyd from Entourage. (Adweek)

Twitter users hate on T-Mobile

T-Mobile bought the Promoted Trend #NeverSettleForVerizon on Twitter for $200,000. Twitter members, however, used it as an opportunity to bash T-Mobile. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

AOL CEO scores big with Verizon deal

Tim Armstrong is slated to get $180 million out of the AOL-Verizon deal, thanks to his 6.7 percent stake in the company. (The Wall Street Journal)

Walmart rivals Amazon with new shipping service

Walmart announced a $50-a-year delivery subscription service, similar to Amazon Prime, that would deliver products within three days. (CNN Money)

Amazon's new mobile app

Amazon released a new advertising platform for developers that is optimized for Android mobile and tablet users and Amazon tablet users. (Bloomberg)

Discovery shuts down the Pittsburgh Penguins on Twitter

The Pittsburgh Penguins tried to engage with The Discovery Channel on Twitter, but got completely shut down by the cable network. (Mashable)

Suggestions for a Periscope redesign

The Verge examined how live-streaming app Periscope could redesign its interface to help cut back on harassment and unwanted sexual content. (The Verge)

Industry Shake-Ups: 

Lowe chief heads to Mother Holdings

Following Interpublic's merger of Mullen and Lowe, Lowe chief Michael Wall became global CEO at Mother. (Adweek)

SC Johnson consolidates media buying

SC Johnson consolidated its global media buying business at PHD. (Adweek)

Mullen Lowe wins Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean selected Mullen Lowe as its new lead agency, just one week after the two shops merged. (Adweek)