24 Hours in Advertising: Friday, July 24

Converse unveils new Chucks, AOL lets users skip ads, YouTube talks at VidCon, more

Converse unveils an updated Chuck Taylor, Sharknado ratings sink and AOL offers an option to skip video ads.

New on Adweek:

Converse unveils the Chuck Taylor II

Here's why the sneaker company updated an icon, and here's how they'll market it.

Has Sharknado Jumped the Shark?

Ratings were down 31 percent for Sharknado 3, but Syfy still announced plans for Sharknado 4.

AOL will give users the option to skip video ads

They'll have to take a survey, instead, in one of five new video-ad options introduced Thursday.

Talking to YouTube's director of content commercialization at VidCon

Jamie Byrne said he's not worried about competitors, because one company can't make the shift to online video happen alone.

Buick to offer yoga and 24-hour test drives

It's part of an effort to get young people interested in the stalwart General Motors brand.

Around the Web:

Nikkei buys the Financial Times for $1.3 billion

Japanese media company picks up respected, salmon-colored British newspapers despite signs that Germany's Axel Springer was the leading contender. (The New York Times)

Amazon posts surprise profit

The giant but rarely profitable online retailer revealed Q2 profits last night, on higher-than-expected sales and restrained spending. Its stock soared. (Bloomberg)

Meet the man selling Sony's virtual reality efforts

Shuhei Yoshida is the man in charge of Playstation, and he's leading the effort to sell users on Project Morpheus, the VR headset for Playstation 4. (CNN Money)

Twitter is making it easier for brands to latch onto live events

Event targeting will help marketers reach their desired audiences more efficiently. (Digiday)

Diet Coke sales are tanking in the U.S.

And Coca-Cola is worried. (Business Insider)

Industry Shake-ups:

Saatchi & Saatchi appoints its first global CMO

Jeff Geisler comes from Jay Z's Roc Nation and previously worked at McCann Erickson. (AgencySpy)

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