Is 2015 the Year of the Regional Super Bowl Ad?

With a 30-second national spot reportedly costing $4.5 million during Sunday's Super Bowl, it's no surprise that quite a few brands are embracing the cheaper option of a regional ad buy.

Whether the goal is to focus on core markets or simply save money while still promoting your spot online as a "Super Bowl ad," several high-profile marketers like Newcastle Brown Ale and even a few modern publishers like BuzzFeed have plans to revel in the regional Super Bowl alternative. Regional ad prices vary widely, ranging from under a $1 million for some spots to over $3 million for others

Below are eight of the most notable spots that will run in various markets during Sunday's game. If you don't live in their ad markets, you can always just watch the ads below. Hey wait, it's almost like they planned it that way!



Carvana, described as the first wholly online auto retailer, has a regional spot targeting millennials in Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C. 


American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance's new #DreamFearlessly spot features singer and actor Jennifer Hudson. The spot will run in the insurer's operating markets and is expected to reach some 33 million consumers. 


Carl’s Jr.

Charlotte McKinney, allegedly the next Kate Upton, appears to be wearing, well, nothing in Carl's Jr.'s regional Super Bowl spot by 72andSunny in Los Angeles. The ad will be seen by less than half of the Super Bowl audience, with West Coast states slated to view the ad.


Newcastle Brown Ale’s Band of Brands

Newcastle Brown Ale wouldn't be Newcastle Brown Ale if it wasn't trying to creatively game the Super Bowl. Instead of creating an unofficial shadow campaign like last year's "If We Made It," the brand instead found a fun idea for a regional Super Bowl buy. This year the "Band of Brands" regional spot features 37 brands, many of them recognizable, sharing the cost of the ad.



BuzzFeed teamed up with Friskies on its first television spot, which will air during the Big Game in cat-themed markets. In case you're wondering what that means, the list is Los Gatos, Calif.; Kitty Hawk, N.C.; and Pawnee City, Neb. The version above is longer than what will appear on TV.


The Verge

The Verge, Vox Media's tech site, made headlines when it accidentally (or intentionally) revealed its Super Bowl spot over a week before the Big Game. Turns out, the spot's only running in Helena, Mont., which might lead the skeptic to believe the whole supposed accident was just a PR stunt.


Eat 24

Food delivery service Eat24 enlisted Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried for its 30-second regional spot, which will air in five markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.


Ecuador Tourism

Ecuador is spending an estimated $3.8 million on its 30-second regional Super Bowl ad push, seeking to drive North Americans to the South American country. It also reportedly marks the first time a foreign country has used the Big Game to boost tourism. The spot will run in several major markets, including New York, Miami and San Francisco. 



Food delivery service Grubhub has its regional spot, "Burrito," from lead agency Barton F. Graf 9000 in New York. The ad will air in five markets during the third quarter of the game, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.



This spot for Herods, which is part of Fattal Hotels, will appear in a single market—North Platte, Neb.—during the first half. The brand was looking for a small town that doesn't have a football team and speak to them as if they did. Yehoshua\TBWA in Tel-Aviv created the 30-second ad. 

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