The 2013 Clio Awards Winners


Grand Clio, Film

The Guardian, “Three Little Pigs” BBH, London

Hardboiled yet fanciful, this visual masterpiece reimagined the Three Little Pigs as a modern news story, beginning with the Big Bad Wolf’s death and culminating with the pigs’ murder conviction. Guardian reporters and the public crack the case together, vividly demonstrating the paper’s “open journalism” concept.


Grand Clio, Print

Ray-Ban, “75 Years of Legend” Marcel Worldwide, Paris

Ray-Ban celebrated 75 years of standing out from the crowd with an indelible print campaign of seven photographs, each representing a different decade in the company’s history. The gorgeously art-directed scenes were inspired by real stories of personal and political triumph that made the Ray-Ban wearers “Legends.”


Grand Clio, Integrated

Banco Popular, “The Most Popular Song” JWT, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican salsa band El Gran Combo once wrote a famous song celebrating laziness called “No Hago Más Ná” (translation: “I Do Nothing”). As the country has lost jobs, however, the song has lost much of its charm. So, Banco Popular and JWT had the band rerecord it with the opposite message—as a celebration of hard work. It was a huge hit.


Grand Clio, Content & Contact

Virtual 2Pac, “Coachella” Digital Domain, Los Angeles

Slain rapper Tupac Shakur rose from the dead in Dr. Dre and Digital Domain’s remarkable project for last year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival. A stunningly believable, virtual version of Shakur appeared on stage for a performance with Dre and Snoop Dogg, prompting an avalanche of interest in social media and a major boost in each artist’s music sales.


Grand Clio, Public Relations

Samsung Life Insurance, “Bridge of Life” Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul’s most notorious suicide bridge was transformed into a bridge of life in this intriguing interactive outdoor campaign. Sensors on the guard rails now light up with messages of comfort when triggered, and the bridge is full of happy images—from photos of people smiling to a brass statue of two friends embracing.


Hall of Fame Winners

Film: Volkswagen, “Snow Plow” (1964) DDB, New York

“Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplow drives to the snowplow?” This classic spot drew viewers in with its dark and mysterious opening frames and a question you probably never thought to ask.


Hall of Fame Winner

Print: Volkswagen, “Think Small” (1961) DDB, New York

The white space. The stark shot of the vehicle. The contrarian headline. The wry body copy. Everything about this print ad (and the whole campaign) was revolutionary—its simplicity and honesty nothing short of shocking. Fifty years later, it remains iconic.


Hall of Fame Winner

Design: Coca-Cola, “VIS” (2007) Turner Duckworth Design, London and San Francisco

Coca-Cola’s visual identity had become cluttered over the years. In 2007, Turner Duckworth simplified and clarified it in a celebrated redesign—covering everything from cups, cans and bottles to trucks. By paring back, the design rejuvenated the brand, making it feel happy, fresh and honest again.


Hall of Fame Winner

Audio: Motel 6, “Just Listen” (1986) The Richards Group, Dallas

"A lot of you have written and said, 'Tom, we sure like that music there in the background. Why don't you stop talking about Motel 6 and let us hear it?' Well, good enough. Here you go." Tom Bodett got out of his own way (briefly) in this memorable radio spot from the folksy campaign.


Agency of the Year

Marcel Worldwide, Paris

Image was everything in this agency’s stellar work over the past year, including its unforgettable print work for Ray-Ban and the astonishing animation in the lengthy Cartier spot “L’Odyssée.”


Network of the Year

Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy offices stepped up across the network with top-notch creative work. Highlights include London’s print work for Expedia; Shanghai’s out-of-home for Coca-Cola; Prague’s package design for Clavin’s E.D. pills; Cape Town’s direct ads for Volkswagen; Athens’ branded film for Lacta; and Dubai’s coded radio spots aiming to help abused domestic workers in Lebanon.


Production Company of the Year

Biscuit Filmworks

Funny, poignant, stylish, cool. The directors at Biscuit Filmworks can do it all with any source material you’ve got. Last year’s highlights include Tim Godsall’s brilliant work for Axe (“Sporty,” “Brainy,” etc.) and Southern Comfort (“Whatever’s Comfortable”) and Errol Morris’ look at fandom after death for ESPN.


Advertiser of the Year


One of the world’s great companies has built up a marketing portfolio to match. Among the recent highlights: “Google Display Logo” from Johannes Leonardo; “Docs Demo: Masters Edition” from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; “100,000 Starts” from Google Creative Lab; and the “Livable App” from R/GA.

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