The 2011 Planner Survey is Seeking Input

Planners have a month to submit data for mid-August report

The 2011 Planner Survey is open for business and wants your input.

Now in its seventh year, the annual overview of the state of the industry is conducted by Heather LeFevre, head of account planning at StrawberryFrog Amsterdam, and a small team of volunteers. The survey is open for one month to collect data and the report is expected to be available in mid-August. Le Fevre starts the process by contacting 2,300 planners around the world who have participated in the survey in past years.

Those who are invited to participate are account, brand and strategic planners in any company role; those who are freelancers or currently unemployed and, new this year, planning interns and students. All the data collected is kept anonymous.

The results of last year’s survey can still be found on Lefevre’s blog, ‘Buy me, I’ll change your life’.