This 20-Year-Old Agency Stays Relevant by Serving Brands That Want Data-Driven Results

Ansira's clients include Domino's and Jiffy Lube


Who (L. to r.) Trae Clevenger, evp, chief strategy officer; Martin Reidy, president and CEO; and Judge Graham, evp, chief digital officer

What Data-driven marketing agency

Where St. Louis HQ, with offices in 13 other cities

With 800-plus creatives, strategists and statisticians, this St. Louis-based shop with 13 satellite offices in the U.S. and the U.K. leverages a combination of data from first, second and third parties to deliver highly precise results for dozens of clients as diverse as Coca-Cola, FedEx, Ford, Jiffy Lube, L'Oréal and Planet Fitness. Recently, it put that data to work for restaurant clients like Chili's to "capture behavior in real time that then allows us to modify and optimize," said evp, chief digital officer Judge Graham. That means Ansira can send an email promotion to a potential Chili's customer with an offer centered around the time of day he is most likely to visit a restaurant and featuring menu items he'd likely be most interested in based on his Google search history. And if that lunch offer is seen too late in the day? Ansira can simply change it to dinner. An apt example in a world of brands hungry for data-driven results.

Ansira Creative Reel from Ansira on Vimeo.

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