$20 Mil. True Grey Push Attempts to Humanize Plastic

NEW YORK True Grey broke new work this week for the American Plastics Council, an account it has handled since 1999.

Although the tagline “Plastics make it possible” is retained from previous Grey campaigns, the client said the new work is an effort to give the products a more “human” image. The shop’s past efforts showcased the material’s institutional uses.

One TV spot shows a mother’s amazement that her adventurous, accident-prone son grows to adulthood thanks to the use of plastics in helmets and other safety gear. In another, a baby eyes an electrical outlet until his mother inserts a plastic protector into the openings to keep tiny fingers out.

The estimated media spend for the national print, radio and TV campaign, which will run into 2004, is about $20 million.

Two other spots break in the next few weeks. One depicts how plastics are used in treating a cancer patient. A fourth spot shows how plastics used in automobiles can protect drivers and passengers in crashes.

The work is the second significant campaign under the creative leadership of executive creative director Jonathan Rodgers, who joined the True Grey division of Grey Global Group’s Grey Worldwide in New York last July from BBDO.