2 Shops Play Card Game

In the daily battle for new clients, an agency’s business card can be a powerful piece of hardware.
A name and phone number may satisfy the basic requirements, but some shops like to jazz up the business card trading ritual.
Anderson & Lembke in New York offers a smorgasbord of card images that include a police badge and a buzz cut head bearing the shop’s initials.
Creative director John Athorn said there are also cards with a Noo Yawk accent, sporting such images as a “WALK” sign with the “W” and “K” knocked out to highlight the “A” and the “L.”
“The images are also reflected in a lot of the promotional material the agency does, so there’s a method to the madness,” Athorn said.
New York-based Dweck & Campbell’s card doubles as a small flip book, which plays a mini-movie of a woman walking on her hands. The card instructs users to “Stand back!” as they crank the pages. While the Dweck production may not fit into most Rolodexes, it does pack in the necessary info and signs off with the advisory: “Store in cool place.”
-Rob Lenihan