2 Partners Exit A-Team Advisors

LOS ANGELES Russel Wohlwerth and Ann Billock have left A-Team Advertising Advisors to form a search- and agency-advisory consultancy to be based here and in New York.

Wohlwerth joined A-Team in Playa del Rey, Calif., last July after leaving Select Resources International in Santa Monica, Calif., where he had been president. Billock joined shortly thereafter. She had been at consultancy Roth Associates in New York.

During Wohlwerth’s stint at A-Team, he conducted reviews for Washington Mutual, Olympus, Clearwire and Activision, which is ongoing.

“There was a perception of conflict there, as one side of A-Team represents marketers and the other agencies,” said Wohlwerth.

He added that it was “clear from the beginning” he and Billock would be conducting search consultancy for A-Team. “[Conflict] was always a non-issue,” he said.

In addition to handling account reviews, A-Team consults with agencies on everything from compensation to human resources and financial issues. It will continue to offer those services.

“I will continue to work with A-Team on other projects,” Wohlwerth said, though he did not elaborate. He and Billock have yet to name their new company.