2 Imported Brands From Guinness Are Up For Grabs

NEW YORK-The ad accounts of Red Stripe and Pilsner Urquell, two small but fast-growing imported beer brands marketed by Guinness Import Co., are in review, confirmed H. Tres Meyer, Guinness’ senior marketing director, last week.
North Castle Partners, Stamford, Conn, handles Red Stripe “on a project basis,” said Meyer. Pilsner Urquell has no agency.
Recent ad spending has been about $100,000 on both brands, but Meyer in Stamford, Conn., said sales were rising so much that “now they require an agency.” Projected spending is undisclosed.
Gotham, New York, last handled Red Stripe on a full-service basis, creating the tag, “Less red tape, more Red Stripe.” Gotham resigned the account in August 1996 when it won Pete’s Wicked Ale. -Teresa Andreoli