16 Tons And What Do You Get?

Coal mining has an image problem in Nevada, it appears.
But don’t worry, a new campaign from R&R Advertising in Reno, Nev., will correct consumers who don’t appreciate coal’s role in the state’s economy.
The first of eight regional print ads for the Nevada Mining Association features the stereotypical, grimy, surly looking coal miners (shown here) with the headline, “Mining. What’s it to ya?” The text goes on to explain why coal mining is important to the Nevada economy and its consumers: It accounts for 60,800 jobs, $141 million in state taxes, and 11 percent of the state’s gross domestic product. The tag: “Nevada mining. Good thing.”
Other ads depict an infant, an elderly couple and preteen boys, with the same headline. The text reminds consumers what life would be like without mining: no skateboards or bifocals, for example. -Teresa Buyikian