$100 Million AARP Insurance Account in Review

United Healthcare has put its direct marketing account for AARP Supplemental Health Insurance into review and selected Matchworks to handle the process, the consultancy confirmed.

Jan Boyle, a principal at Matchworks, put the budget at $100 million. Questionnaires are due to go out this week. Seabury & Smith in Fort Washington, Penn., is the 5-year incumbent on the business and has been invited to defend, said Boyle.

She said Matchworks will select four semifinalists this month with a cut to two finalists by mid-January. Boyle said she did not yet know how many RFPs would go out.

The New York consultancy handled a review earlier this year for the AARP Not-for-Profit business, which went to GSD&M in Austin, Texas. GSD&M also handles ad duties for United Healthcare.