$100 Mil.+ Lenovo Account Goes to IBM Shop Ogilvy

BOSTON WPP Group’s Ogilvy & Mather on Tuesday said it was selected by Lenovo Group to handle global marketing chores on the ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop computers the client picked up following its acquisition of IBM’s personal computer division. There was no review.

Estimated billings are at least $100 million.

IBM spent $300 million on domestic ads last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, including $70 million on its Think product line. Ogilvy has been IBM’s lead agency since May 1994.

Lenovo is among the top three companies in the global PC market, with approximately $13 billion in revenue.

Ogilvy & Mather and its sister agencies OgilvyOne, OgilvyInteractive, Ogilvy PR and MindShare will handle advertising, relationship marketing, lead generation, interactive marketing, publicity and related activities for Lenovo in nearly 30 countries around the world.

“Lenovo is one of the most exciting companies in the world today,” said Shelly Lazarus, Ogilvy worldwide CEO, in a statement. “We are looking at a watershed opportunity for China-based enterprises to firmly establish leadership in the world market.”

The first ads to support Lenovo begin appearing this week in key world markets. In the U.S. the ads will appear in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

—Adweek staff report